looking for last couple of Ben Harper bootlegs.

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looking for last couple of Ben Harper bootlegs.

Post  aski on Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:21 pm

hi all!

i have made contact with a lot of great people through my year and a half of trading for mainly the Burn To Shine-tour bootlegs (my total Ben Harper bootlist now counts 198 bootlegs)

as i am about to end my trading for Ben Harper boots, i ask you guys at this forum one last time, as maybe some new faces have come on board since last time i made my enquiries.

does anyone got any of these four last bootlegs to complete my bootleg-collection, please contact me at: asgeirn@hotmail.com to swap lists;

Davis 7 October 1999
St. Louis 16 September 2000
Charleston 19 November 1999
Pennsylvania 20 April 2001

thank you for your attention! rendeer

Asgeir, Norway

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