Charlottesville 3 March 2001

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Charlottesville 3 March 2001

Post  aski on Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:23 am

i accidentaly deleted my boot and thanks to Ron i got a new back-up.

it's ripped from CDs but the source is lossy (mp3). if i get an upgrade to lossless i will up it at dime.

a great show, with the always majestic God Fearing Man as opener and a long acoustic encore section (which fits perfectly in with his current tour)

File 1:
File Name:
File Size: 252 MB
Download Link: 07jyhr

File 2:
File Name:
File Size: 247.7 MB
Download Link: jy6ojq

File 3:
File Name:
File Size: 232.2 MB
Download Link: 4ij211

File 4:
File Name:
File Size: 290.4 MB
Download Link: hn6x8y


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