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Ben covers

Post  Ray-Gz on Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:52 pm

Hi everybody and in advance, sorry for y English, I'm French and it's not a legend, we're the worst on Earth in foreign languages...

This forum is pretty cool, it's the only one about Ben on web, right ? Because I'm also a huge fan of Prince, and about him, there are plenty of websites, forums, etc. But it's not the topic Smile

I just want to share my covers of Ben's songs and invite all of you to do the same thing. It could be a help for those who want to play His songs.

So, let's start !

(Oups, I don't have permission to post a link...)

PS : As I live in France, I was lucky to see his 3 gigs here this summer. I will share my feelings, photos, etc. about these shows in another topic.

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