St. Paul 24 October 1999

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St. Paul 24 October 1999

Post  aski on Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:10 pm

Oct 24, 1999
St. Paul, MN USA
Roy Wilkins Auditorium

1. Gold To Me >2. Fight For Your Mind(Video)3. Forgiven(Video)4. Please Bleed(Video)5. Faded6. Burn One Down(Video)7. Whipping Boy8. Please Me Like You Want To9. Oppression / Get Up, Stand Up(Video)10. Ground On Down(Video)11. Burn To Shine12. The Woman In You(Video)13. Steal My KissesEncore 1
14. Roses From My Friends15. Indifference16. Widow Of A Living Man17. I Shall Not Walk AloneEncore 2
18. Forever19. Manic Depression 4JRD4CRZ

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